Earthcore: Shattered Elements

Immediately it is worth noting the distinct and well prescribed storyline in the game. Besides him there as possible, expanded description of the world and the universe where the events occur. With the passage of the missions have a feeling of total immersion in what is happening, which is rare in the days of punched a blueprint stories.
The protagonist - a Lord of one of the largest settlements in the Kingdom. For many years he was absent in their native lands the line of duty of the ruler land. War, attacks on neighbors, collecting tributes, taxes and other duties forced to leave the city under the supervision of faithful vassals. But it's time to come back and here he meets the shore! But what is it? All the neighborhood swarming with mercenaries, and behind the walls do not have a soul. Former slaves free to walk around the streets and boldly attacking you. It is necessary to determine the cause of the incident and punish anyone who was involved in this.

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