Prize Claw


Prize Claw - a simulator of a slot machine, which is a kind of aquarium with toys piled inside, and you will by means of mechanical forceps to grab one of the toys and bring it to the hole.
In case of a successful and accurate capture you get a funny teddy bear or other toy. Probably most have tried to destroy this machine, and well remember how this stressful and yet exciting experience. It is therefore not surprising that the game was such an unusual and interesting.
In addition, the developers have correctly decided that the game needed to introduce additional complexity and stimulating factors, so you have to perform a mini-quests, collect collection and more pleasant to update your device.
Of course, the idea is original and interesting, but the graphics in this case plays a huge role. And it is nice that its implementation did not disappoint. The highly developed three-dimensional graphics with a pretty good portrayal of models and colorful design will make you happy during gameplay. But all the same quality of detail could be better, as, indeed, and the physics of the game.
By the way, speaking of physics, it is worth noting that it is implemented fairly strange way, in particular, after the capture of toys physics cease to operate in the normal way, and the whole process becomes a lottery.
And a little more about pleasant. The entire game is centered on gathering the collection, which includes a variety of items from the locomotive to the pillow, in the end you need to fill a room with the missing items, then you can say that the game is passed. In parallel with this every time you will be given small tasks, for example, lift the machine or get a certain amount of coins.
For the successful execution of the job you'll get extra coins, which you can spend in a special store, having bought a new grip, and unlock additional bonuses. Note that these same bonuses play a big role in the Prize Claw, and without them, perhaps, the play becomes very, very difficult, for the benefit of their activation only needs energy which is stored automatically.
However, automatically collected and the number of attempts, however, overlooked, or if you dare, you have to buy additional purchases in the store, but it will take money, so you should be more reasonable and better aim, developing your eye, even though the game is to make enough difficult.

- More than 60 prizes to collect!
- Multiple machines to play on a variety of prizes.
- Special puzzles to complete for each machine!
- 3D-graphics.
- Earn more bonuses for playing every day!
- Huge variety of bonuses and effects!


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