Monster Legends

Monster legends - is a fun turn-based strategy RPG with elements from the creators of Dragon City! You have to assemble a team of the mighty beasts and go to protect the world.

One powerful wizard decided to prevent an attack on his castle, there opens a portal to the enemy failed army that captures his castle, but there was an error, but instead came to our world monsters.
Of course, the magician has done everything possible, as quickly as possible to stop the invasion of monsters and close the portal, but the monster still managed to breed throughout the country. You have to build your own deck of cards, each of which will symbolize a particular fighter has unique characteristics. In the best traditions of the genre RPG you will be able to improve their characters, adding their combo attacks, skills, strength and speed, making against you will not be able to withstand any enemy. Annex great graphics, interesting animation and elaborate gameplay that carries you into the game with his head.


- Expose frightening combat hybrids grow up in their new skills
- Lots of unique monsters ... and new animals every week
- Battle Battle 3 × 3!
- Adventure Mode and Arena: complete verification skills, strategic thinking and endurance!
- Select rivals, kidnapping their resources, defense against foreign attacks
- A fascinating way to the top of the leaderboard
- Treasure Hunt Map adventures - in a world of wonders, and unknown dangers of evil monsters!
- Gaining experience for growth of your Monsters
- Communicate! Play and help your friends!

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