Baby Explorer


Baby Explorer - a collection of games for children from 0 to 6 years of age. Teach your children have fun with colorful and educational games. The child will be fun to learn at any age. It collected 17 games:

-The study of letters and numbers
-The study of animals and their sounds
-Study of the shape and color of objects and their number
-Various colors move around the screen
-Practice your memory fruit
-Look for similar images
-Write your first melody
-Play with butterflies, fishes and other
-Discover the wonderful world of soap bubbles and balloons
-Draw a picture of many colors
-Listen and remember the sounds of transport
-Develop your reflexes

This game will help children learn the sounds of musical instruments, animals, and transport, to learn the alphabet. The game is specifically adapted for preschoolers.

attention! All files are placed with permission of the authors or applications found in the public domain in the internet, if some of the files violates your rights, please let us know
  • Posted by: como lo isntalo (guest), 2012-09-08 01:41:27
    como puedo instalarlo por favor no aparece el appk

  • Posted by: Гость (guest), 2012-09-08 21:55:29
    Baby_Explorer_4.2.apk [ 21.43 MB

  • Posted by: Daniele (guest), 2013-02-19 05:41:36

  • Posted by: елена (guest), 2013-02-26 17:45:03

  • Posted by: Asif (guest), 2013-06-17 22:17:10
    I tried almost many games even waist lot's money for many stupid games in Google App Store Bla Bla Bla .... my search is End since I install your application ...Now my baby is so much happy she got all in one ! Thank you so much from me & also from my baby.

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