Bouncy Ball


At first glance the game Bouncy Ball may seem impossibly simple, just then need to bring the ball to the end of the level. But as soon as you pass several levels, it becomes clear that the game is not as easy as it seemed at the beginning and continue to pass the levels will have to focus entirely on the gameplay.
Your task will be to bring continuously bouncing the ball to the end of the level marked with an asterisk. Getting there be on the platforms, which are in the game are several types, the most common of them - the support, they do not pose a no dirty tricks and your only goal is to avoid falling into the abyss with them, and you'll meet a platform studded with spikes, a meeting which is fraught with the passage of the level from the beginning. But the most interesting are the blue platform with arrows, and the arrow indicates the direction in which you will get accelerated by tapping block.
But the main thing in the game is a small, yellow, constantly bouncing ball, which will travel on these platforms with your help.
Control of the game is simple, but requires care. The direction of the jump ball will be set by touching the screen left or right, respectively, but the strength of the jump will depend on the altitude of its continuous hopping, the ball was at the time of your touch.
In the game you will encounter colorful graphics, all minimalist and even a kind of boring, but this game is not a disadvantage. Bouncy Ball amazingly addictive and you will not notice how the game will spend more than one hour.


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