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 Bouncy Ball

Bouncy Ball - arcade platformer in which we need to play for the ball. The ball has its own physics, he can jump, fly, jump over obstacles. The map has many different obstacles that need to be bypassed to reach the finish line. Each level will be more difficult to last.

 Dream of Pixels

Dream of Pixels - a well-known Tetris, but from the other side. Now you have to destroy the area filled with figures of various shapes. You can also rotate them, twist and move, as usual. Colorful graphics along with the music creates a special relaxing atmosphere.

 Panda Jump Seasons

Panda Jump Seasons as a whole is quite a fascinating portrait «runner», whose main goal is very simple - jumping from one rack to another, hold out as long as possible while collecting all sorts of bonuses and destroying enemies, earning achievements and rankings.

 Cloudy with Meatballs 2

Cloudy with Meatballs 2 - continuation of the addictive game based on the new animated blockbuster from studio Sony Pictures Animation, and the same name computer game! "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2" - more than 60 + levels of beautiful puzzles.

 Turbo Racing League

Turbo Racing League - typically do not consider the snail fastest animal, but our hero is already very diligent, though, and every inch of it has been difficult, and the work has made ​​a monkey out of man, and of the cochlea formula race car number one. Snail in the form of a car or a car in the form of a snail, which do you like better?


infeCCt - addictive puzzle game that combines the classic maze and the "snake"! Your task - to dig up the entire area worm at each level. Thus it is necessary to pass each section only one time, and intersections - 2. Only then to mold bloom brightly colored flowers. There are over 300 levels, which means you for a long time and it will get carried away a lot of fun!


Blastron - great arcade game in which you can only be either a hunter or a target and your job is to survive. Destroying other robots you will be able to get valuable upgrades for your character. By passing through the game you will collect an arsenal of powerful weapons and steep, while simultaneously improving the robot parts to improve their skills. The game had good graphics and great gameplay.

 Golf Sokoban

Golf Sokoban (Logical) Golf - a magnificent puzzle, developing intellectual skills. The goal is simple - to put all the balls in the hole. However, to do so, will have to think about it, because the golf course consists of a maze.

 Brain Age Game

Brain Age Game - interestingly, the age of your brain? Free issue of simple and complex games brain age! One of the best and most addicting games for your mind! To test your wits and his age, the use of this exciting and fun game for him!

 Fluffy Balls HD - Angles

Fluffy Balls HD - Corners - addictive game based on the famous board game corners (Corners). Excellent trains attention and strategic thinking, and a multiplayer mode will make any party fun!

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