Dig Out!

The game Dig Out! Unfolding in the world where people do not feed bread let to dig deeper into the ground and find a couple or two gems. It is not just a way to make money - it's a lifestyle, hobbies, and the meaning of life. Here, everyone at least once dabbled in the role of a miner in the hope of finding a priceless treasure or mine. Everything - from ordinary villagers to the valiant Knights descend into the darkness and the unknown. And the deeper, more valuable output, but also dangerous matter. Traps, landslides, huge spiders and other animals preferred place where no light is dissatisfied with the alien invasion. Earned the tool can be ordered for a stronger and more serious challenges, as well as to rebuild this village of miners, so as not to go far from home to work. Rumors about your successes attract new characters from all over the country.

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