Freaky Heroes

They are fighting for a just cause, razyat undead and necromancers, zombies and demons, greedy invaders and vile traitors, tyrants and kings soulless. They go many miles, miles, miles in his travels. Meet the princesses and dragons, save from the first second. They are clad in shining armor, but their swords are sharpened razor. They - the heroes. But everyone will sooner or later become acquainted with the enemy stronger than himself. So, early in the morning all so cool, now you're lying in the gutter, without armor, horses, weapons, money, jewelry and self-esteem.
Who will give lucrative quest knight with a very tarnished reputation? Yes, no one! None cute hostess towers prison does not ask you to save her. What to do? How to live? The only thing - to live in the village in which the same while away their outcasts, just like you, and start all over again.

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