Retimo Adventure

Gilot, was a quiet and peaceful kingdom. Then suddenly, BOOM !!! A huge tower was formed in an instant on the spot where there was nothing. Unfortunately for the locals it was the home of the Prince of Darkness, and he decided to conquer the world quickly and easily. Well, still, no one expected such a "surprise", but there was one problem. The main character is not the first who came up with such a clever idea. And now the usurper-loser will have to first save this planet and all the people from the armies of demons, and then later enslave be nobody and nothing.
Well, after all the laws of the genre - the team, heroes, loot, Donat and automatic slaughter. The only thing that distinguishes Retimo Adventure from other "comrades" as a turn-based system level. For a certain amount of movement you need to cross the entire territory, and kill the boss. Otherwise, your skills will impose a variety of penalties, and to emerge victorious will be quite difficult.

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