Sword Storm

Long ago, when there was not invented magic, demons was a great leader. Virtually invincible for many years he was destroying this world, wiping out all of the state on the path of his army. But people are warning in advance and created a miracle sword able to kill even his. In the final battle, he missed a blow straight to the heart, and was banished for all eternity in hell. But after a hundred years, the villain has found a loophole and was able to come back with an even stronger army, but at the same time and developed an immunity to the unique properties of weapons. Humanity is again on the brink of extinction. In search of rare material to create an improved version of the blade were sent to the best characters from all over the world. At this point, we get the character control. He can turn on auto and forget about it for a long time. And only occasionally raising the level and distributing the loot. Is so interesting to play? Unlikely.

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