Flick Kick Football Kickoff


Flick Kick Football Kickoff - show their skills in a shot on goal in soccer. Try to outwit the goalie and circle all the defenders that cover you for impact direction. In the game we have to play for one of the two countries: America, or the UK. Try to score as many goals to his opponent that he could ever leave that line against which you confront. There are several game modes, including training, hitting at a time, for accuracy, as well as competition with one another. You can knock on effect on the accuracy, perform Stroke stroke, think through the trajectory of the ball and choose the right moment to strike. Strikes under the crossbar and into the corners ochenivayutsya above and add the time. Also, you can compete with players online, which further inflame an interest in Flick Kick Football Kickoff!
On the positive side, the application would like to acknowledge the excellent graphics, as well as perfectly matched sound. The application can not be considered a full-fledged simulation, as in the game you have to just score goals, free kick. You will have to explore all kinds of penalties, from fines to the empty net to penalties with the wall and the goalkeeper. The same application has a very simple operation. What would make a kick of the ball you have to run your finger across the display device in the direction of impact. Force of the impact will depend on the length of a line drawn.

What's new:
NEW in 1.3.0
Massive Update!
- 3 New Modes
- New HD graphics
- French, German, Italian and Spanish language support
NEW in recent versions:
- Game will now render at native resolution of each device, greatly increasing the visual quality on some devices (however, game still only renders in 3:2 aspect ratio)
- Added Bullseye mode - appearing in the free version for the first time!


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