Gun Master 2

Stylish menu sends us in three ways - arsenal, shooting range and shop, as well as displays the daily discount on one of the trunks.
Briefly about the third icon - the store offers to buy game currency and sets different configuration for real money. This concludes.
But in weapons is much more fun, she greets us very impressive and diverse list of AA and ultrasound to modern vector and Magpulov, there is even an opportunity to look at a completely futuristic design.
A thoroughly researched upgrade and modding can cause a puppy enthusiasm - lights, collimators, sights, shops increased, compressors, mufflers, changes in the characteristics of the trigger, auxiliary handles a huge range of camouflage and more.
And the effect of 3D modeling allows maximum detail to consider every detail of the housing weapons.
After playing and Poglazev at the price tags, some of which reach astronomical proportions, we go to the shooting range. While there are only two locations similar to each other and a premium card. For a certain amount of time shoot as accurately as possible mannequins and get money for it, do not forget just shoot down the flying bots. And actually, everything! A huge arsenal and are not able to apply it in full scourge of all such games.
Let's hope that developers will not throw support and will add significant changes in gameplay and then Gun Master 2 will be one of the best galleries.

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