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Devil EaterDevil Eater - an excellent shooter with brutal main character, hordes of demons and beautiful graphics in the steel-gray tones. The mechanics of the gameplay requires fine tuned action and good observation. It should look just behind all the enemies attacking you and just put blocks or create superudary.
Mad Bunny 2: ApocalypseMad Bunny 2: Apocalypse - a direct continuation and at the same time an improved version of unpretentious action has become very popular. Time has passed since the first part quite a bit, but the world around the small village changed dramatically and more like a battlefield. But earlier it was just a warm-up, and now comes the really hard times.
Zombie RagdollZombie Ragdoll - a fascinating and addictive puzzle game where the main role will be hordes of zombies. Terrible in appearance, has greenish, they will become guinea pigs in inhuman experiments mad (crazy happened on the basis of the events in the world) and a scientist at the same time brilliant engineer. Location and thirst for discovery pushed him to these actions.
Range ShooterRange Shooter - one of the best first-person shooter gameplay mechanics that - shooting. Beautiful graphics issue an excellent picture, juicy shots voice, an arsenal of weapons, several modes and locations, as well as the effect of a career, make this game a good one for those who want to shoot accurately without bustle.
 Lemming Dynasty Lemming Dynasty - the original arcade game about lemmings. Beautiful graphics and funny voice well with the straightforward gameplay. Despite the challenge posed absurd, the game will force her to take very seriously, because of your actions depends on the population of these rodents.
 Overkill 3 Overkill 3 - continuation of the line of games from the well-known team to create exciting and worked galleries. The project could be attributed to the shooter, but a dead and dying rudiments of the plot does not allow this. The developers at this time changed their traditions and pretended to 3 persons, neither of which is not significantly changed.
 BOEGUSENI BOEGUSENI (well and came up with the name) - a strategy about the fierce war unfolded in the apple grove. Create modules combat caterpillar and submit it to capture the enemy base. Beautiful graphics, 4 game modes and dozens of items and the opportunity to develop on the basis of their own winning tactics like all beginners generals.
 Overkill Mafia Overkill Mafia - another game-shooting from the well-known in this genre studio Craneballs. Return to Chicago and start their ascent to the top of the criminal Olympus. Shoot competitors and press down under him their business. Create your reputation as a ruthless underworld and soon you talk about the city.
 Gun Master 2 Go to one of the most beautiful galleries for android devices. Choose a weapon from a huge variety of options to create custom trunks and test their capabilities at the site. Fires both for both the targets and dummies. Beautiful graphics and great opportunities like all fans of the genre.

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