Overkill Mafia

The game is set in the glorious city of Chicago on the background of Prohibition and the subsequent jump bootlegging with the bloody crime war in US history. The protagonist returns to his native land and decides to take the underground business into their own hands.
The entire map, on which you will play is divided into quarters, access can be obtained by increasing the reputation of the character. On each mission, you need to quickly and accurately shoot villains and at the same time not forget about appearing bonuses. During the shooting at indoor and outdoor scurry unarmed civilians. That condemn murder (but shoot a passerby would have if you want to get achivku). But not much carried away, and then the police arrived very quickly to finish your career.
Also, over time there will be new game modes in which you can test your skills.
And of course, the developers have not forgotten to add his trademark feature here - Arsenal! Gunshot trunks meet all the historical realities of the era are waiting for you. A graphic stylized comics by Frank Miller turns ordinary shooting in a real thriller nuarny.

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