Mission Unpossible

The protagonist of the game Mission Unpossible regular guy 18 years old, a student with a well-developed intellect. The owner of a cat and a pair of parents most ordinary professions - IT-consultants. Life went on as usual until the day by going on a business trip the two have not gone unnoticed. No SMS or calls. The police remained indifferent to what happened, and Aaron could only wander nervously around the house. His future destiny determined the doorbell and a man introduced himself as a family friend. He told the astounding story that the boy, the son of spies working for different security services. And due to the abnormal situation offered to take their place, until they return, and to create their own agency-subcontractor. Protagonist will receive orders, and then select the agent himself to carry it out or commissioning work staffer. Well, who in the 18th abandon this ?!

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