Juggle the Doodle


Juggle the Doodle - in spite of the simple idea of ​​minimalist graphics and the game is very addictive. You can play it endlessly, trying to improve your results and closer to the unattainable world record. In it you will have to fill the ball with your fingers, you can also set their own records and play with friends via Bluetooth. The game is very interesting and seemingly simple, but to beat a great record it is very difficult. The game has three difficulty levels, everyone will find the best option. Also, the game displays the rankings of people from all over the world, maybe you become world champion. This game is suitable for tablets and mobile devices, the tablet of course play easier and more interesting. Another is the ability to install games on a memory card.

Show your skills, juggling with the ball in this fun game!
Can you fill a soccer ball without letting it fall?
You can bet your records, or challenge your friends (via Bluetooth) - 3 challenging game modes you'll have fun in a long time.
Thanks to the online scoring, you are competing with people from all over the Earth. Will you be the champion of the world?
Guaranteed fun for the whole family!

* Compatible with tablets and mobile devices
* Simple and intuitive interface
* 3 game modes
* 1 or 2 players (via Bluetooth)
* Can be installed on a memory card
* Internet access points (Scoreloop)
* Works on AndEngine and Box2D


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