The Conquest: Colonization

The colonization of the New World (America) or even its name - "conquest" was held from 1492 to 1898 years. But we play in the earliest period of these events, where each campaign conquistadors (or invaders) was deadly and extremely risky, both in terms of benefits and payback period and the probability of death of all the order to return to the production and zastolblennoy territory for his crown.
We offer a choice of four factions, each of which has strengths and weaknesses: The Castilians (they are the same in the future Spaniards) - has a powerful cavalry, England - numerous fleet, their eternal rivals French - developed economies and professional infantry, Dutch - focus on profit, profit and profit again.
We begin with the occupation of Cuba and then move an on the mainland. Do not forget to maintain a high favor with the Crown to you, performing various tasks, and then on your site quickly find a new candidate. Equip colony, train troops, as soon instead of weak natives you have to fight with the same as you, the conquistadors.

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