Crush Your Enemies!

Once these territories belonged to your people, but the valiant knights, magicians and other comrades in the service of the king's ancestors defeated in a great battle. Then the remainder of the clan had to flee in the badlands and hoping to survive there only on their strength. But now the time has come, the army, ever strong and ready for battle. It's time to visit his old offenders and to return the favor with interest. Moreover, they have relaxed over the years - and the soldiers do not look in your direction, the peasants walk up fat, merchants carefree travel. But sharp blow ax will show them that carefree life is over, and the next heroes this time will fail. And this is the border areas, and soon a horde of brutal bearded men comes to large villages and towns. And that's when the real fun starts fires, plagues, spoils and other exciting adventures.

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