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Rody Fight The main hero of the game Rody Fight the coolest fighter for justice. Arriving in this country it is found that there is a real breeding ground for crime. Gangsters, drug dealers, smugglers, street punks, corrupt police, and all this in large quantities. Work to be a lot, but he is ready for this unequal battle.
Pigs Revenge 2Pigs Revenge 2 - continuation gorgeous, furious about the action of combat in which a pig a lot of problems. Or rather, his enemies are now a lot of problems that they can not rashlebat. After all seasoned in battle pig destroy any who dare to offend him and make the most of it badly. And all this under the mud soundtrack makes the game really cool.
World Of BladeWorld Of Blade - action from the category of "chop them all." Enemies will attack from two sides (and sometimes jump on top), and we have to kill them in time tapaya of a button. Part of the whole gameplay reminiscent of the cult of "electronic" Wolf of "Well, wait a minute!", But with a liter of blood and mountains of dead bodies. A nice graphics only adds positive emotions.
Brave Brigade: Hero SummonerBrave Brigade: Hero Summoner - a huge role-scale project with Asian styling as the graphics and gameplay. The story tells of the trouble occurred in the ancient kingdom and only the main character will be able to restore justice and bring life back to normal citizens. A loyal comrades to help in difficult times and will cover the back.
 Shadow Fight 2 Shadow Fight 2 - Fighting from a well-known studio NEKKI. Almost all the works of this developer attracted a lot of attention and Shadow Fight 2 is no exception, to date, the game has been downloaded from Google Play more than 40 million times. What is the secret of such popularity? And how much uncomplicated game managed to get such recognition? Apparently the answer is in its simplicity.
 World of Tanks Blitz For several years, a series of military simulation Wargaming company occupies a leading place in the ratings of free-to-play MMO desktop gaming platform. And probably difficult to find a gamer who does not at least heard about the exciting tank and air battles. Until recently to take part in the battles could only holders of a PC, but then came the happy day the release version for the Android platform.
 300: Seize Your Glory

300: Seize Your Glory - game shot on same plot of the movie, in which you will defend Greece from its enemies. Play as a strong and brave Greek commander Themistocles and stop the Persian invasion led by Artemisia, Commander in Chief of the Persian fleet.

 The Mortal Instruments

The Mortal Instruments - a game based on the movie, in which you try yourself in the role of Twilight - half human, half angel. Clean the world from the dark forces and restore peace and tranquility in the City of Bones.

 Avengers Alliance

Avengers Alliance - assemble a team of super heroes and fight against known villains: Dr. Doom, Loki and others. You can team up with the Avengers, Spider-Man and Men X. Just you have to go through a number of different missions to get extra bonuses in the game!

 Angry Heroes

No matter you are a hardcore gamer or a beginner, the best of the RPG genre, we have put together a very cool and a truly reckless, free online game - Angry Heroes Online: Evil Heroes Online. Tons of sparkling humor, easy-going situations and comic skits with the most famous MMORPG cliches accompany This fascinating fantasy world online! Tune in!

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