You Shall Not Jump

The protagonist of many years, even decades, was locked in a prison somewhere in the middle of a vast nowhere. Whether depression, or any other reason not to let him do what he will begin to do today. On the morning of his note was planted into the chamber from the other two comrades languishing in the same prison. It said that it would be time away and escape, and they sat up here. This idea took a character with all the enthusiasm and went to the door.
For successful actions need to have time to put the platform under the jumping fugitive automatically, so that should provide more than the previous, and at the same time a man in a uniform can not fall down. Throughout his journey he will meet strange creatures, dangerous creatures (against them works well laser) and many other difficulties to overcome which will require a real talent.

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  • Posted by: Александр Петрович (guest), 2016-12-01 07:21:26
    Кто-то не смог даже до второго уровня допрыгать, судя по скриншотам)

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