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Tiny TowerTiny Tower - simulation game combines both economic direction and construction. And also here we will be able to try yourself as a concierge huge skyscraper with a huge number of people. Pixel art creates a familiar style for such projects, which allows not to load the screen with unnecessary details.
Mucho TacoMucho Taco - an exciting and original in its filling 8-bit simulator swipe. Become a student of the great masters of cooking tacos and know all the tricks of the wisdom of this dish. Extensive in-game opportunities, not much bothers gameplay mechanics, "immersion" into the world of Mexican cuisine awaits all comers.
 Bootleggers Bootleggers Bootleggers or domestic - fascinating simulator you know who. Simple gameplay with complex and high-tech process is only a small part of this exciting adventure in the rural scenery. Authentic graphics :), hardcore and various opportunities to help feel like a real alkomagnatom.
 AdVenture Capitalist AdVenture Capitalist - fascinating about clicker budding capitalist-entrepreneur. His career will be quick and swift. Start small and reach incredible heights. Earn an incredibly huge amount of money, such that the screen is not included. Try all possible ways to earn money and hire a team of professionals to manage all of this.

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