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Glitch Fixers: Powerpuff GirlsGlitch Fixers: Powerpuff Girls - learning the basics of programming on Cartoon Network arcade game in which the main characters are Tsvetik, A bottle and pestle - the famous Powerpuff Girls. The characteristic graphic style, a large number of levels, as well as a new adventure in the universe of the popular animated series will appeal to all fans of the original.
SpriteBox CodingSpriteBox Coding - A new cool game of Lightbot - creators of the eponymous series of smart learning projects for children. If the previous line was designed as a puzzle with isometric camera, but this time they opted for a classic platformer with a gathering of stars, the release of cute characters, jumps and other attributes of the genre.
Box IslandBox Island - smart educational game for children and adults with superb graphics, animation and content. Open access is waiting for players 10 free levels, which will give an idea of ​​the gameplay mechanics and the possibilities of the project. Buy the full version or not will decide each for himself, but the trial version of pass is necessary.
The FoosThe Foos - Elegant training app allows you to simply and effectively as possible, and most importantly fun, introducing the owner of a small android device, as well as their parents with the concept of computer science and its basics. The complete absence of text, a good story, and the story beautiful graphics make the game more exciting and adventure.
Slice FractionsSlice Fractions - free trial fascinating math learning games for elementary grades. The project has been developed by scientists from the University of Quebec in Montreal. What makes it not only a fun and funny and extremely useful for parents whose children hardly learn boring dialogue teacher at the blackboard.
 drivingschool3d (3D Driving School)

drivingschool3d (3D Driving School) - an interesting simulation game for teaching practical skills of driving a car! This game will help you learn how to drive or improve existing driving skills. You will be able not only to try their hand, but also to analyze the result, to identify errors and take them into account next time.


Parking3d - this is a very good 3D simulation game designed for people who plan to learn parking skills or who do not have enough practice. With this game you will understand how to park, and then it will be easier to pass the exam, and most importantly, if the bump and then you will not have to pay damages ...

 Parking3d 2

Parking3d 2 - The game is a good simulation of parking, has great graphics, a lot of interesting and challenging levels, excellent management and a lot of other nice bonuses, which for a long time will immerse you in this wonderful game.

 Dream of Pixels

Dream of Pixels - a well-known Tetris, but from the other side. Now you have to destroy the area filled with figures of various shapes. You can also rotate them, twist and move, as usual. Colorful graphics along with the music creates a special relaxing atmosphere.


Paperama - interactive puzzle-adventure where the player will have to manipulate the paper to achieve the desired shape. Discover the magical world of origami and breathe life into it! The game has great graphics, original soundtrack, lots of levels, intelligent help system and much more.

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