drivingschool3d (3D Driving School)


drivingschool3d (3D Driving School) - an interesting simulation game for teaching practical skills of driving a car! If you do not have enough practice or you do not want to damage the car on the first day of purchase, be sure to try this simulator. This game will help you learn how to drive or improve existing driving skills. You will be able not only to try their hand, but also to analyze the result, to identify errors and take them into account next time. Feel turns, maneuvering, crossroads with traffic lights and without, pedestrian crossings, traffic flows, rebuilding in different ranks, overtaking and other driving situations. Each race can be viewed from different angles in order to detect errors or rejoice success! In addition to basic driving game has a database of questions that will help players to understand the peculiarities of the road. We strongly recommend that you review this section before practical training on driving the car.

- To drive theory, you can learn about them in the head, at random, and in the sequence, or to take a test on their own. You can also collect a negative answer questions and analyze each question.

- As for the maneuverability test, the game is a realistic 3D technology to provide all the maneuverability test items like game levels, such as backup, one-way bridge, the slopes of the way starting, flank parking space, etc. Demonstration and games are available for each element. During the demonstration, 3D-technology is used to display the steps and key points to pass each level. Players can observe and learn from different angles. They can use the touch screen to control the steering wheel, gas pedal, brake pedal and clutch pedal to get the level of play. Enjoying the game, players will feel the driving, steering and driving personally.

- As for the road test, the game develops the general driving skills as a 3D game levels, such as making a turn at an intersection, driving past the intersection with traffic lights, turning in a curve, merging into traffic, you go to a new band, and overtaking, and t . etc.
All items agility and road tests are in the form of game levels.


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