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 Flowerpop Adventures Flowerpop Adventures - a great game for kids resembles a pinball. Colorful graphics, addictive gameplay, dozens of levels, hilarious characters, diverse tasks, and more will not break away from the screen for a second. A possibility to change outfits, hairstyles and hats hero will create an avatar of your inventive taste.
 Whack a Smack Whack a Smack - a fun toy for the whole family, children and adults happy to spend time for fun punishment arrogant worms. One cute bear ate candy in splendid isolation, being terrible sweet tooth is a treat for him simply divine taste. But the worm ran past seeing this picture, displayed miracles prytkosti and swallowed place with candy cane. Revenge will be terrible !!!
 Snappy Dragons 2

Snappy Dragons 2 - save young dragons. Evil wizards again encroached on the most valuable thing a dragon. They took their kids and put in a cell. Adult dragons can not leave their children to fend for themselves and decide to repel them by force. Throw fireballs at magicians, destroy buildings and fold evil mages in the water.

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