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Tomb of the MaskTomb of the Mask - a fascinating adventure game project is reminiscent of the times of slot machines. The style graphics Pacman, characteristic sound and classic gameplay remotely similar to Sokoban. As well as constantly increasing complexity will please both novices and those who found cult gaming salons.
Compass Point: WestCompass Point: West tells us about a historical event known as the "Gold Rush". In those days, any adventurer, a man who wants to get rich quick, and along with them thugs of all stripes went massively into a terrible wilderness, referred to as the "Wild West". Many people really become wealthy, but the majority has sunk into oblivion.
Pocket Mine 2 The advent of Pocket Mine 2 was a logical and easily predictable after received great popularity among players of the first part of an exciting arcade about cheerful man with a pickaxe and miner's helmet. Again, he is taken to the old, and it begins to develop new deposits, but since neither of which documents permitting it had not, will have to do everything fast.
 Marv The Miner 2 Marv The Miner 2 - is very bright, exciting and colorful arcade game that combines action and puzzle. Go in search of precious metals and crystals deep under the ground. There we were waiting for the traps, monsters and other obstacles. A great option for a simple time of the meeting.
 Toki Tory Toki Tory - the game is to collect all the eggs on the level. To achieve this goal, the player must use a variety of things whether it be a bridge, teleport or anything else. It should also avoid enemies or use them with a gun-freezing for the solution of the problem.

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