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Oil Tycoon - Idle Clicker GameOil Tycoon - Idle Clicker Game - a classic simulator tapa with standard mechanics and extremely slow development of the system, which makes the game (oddly enough) with infinite gameplay even longer. We have to start your journey in the industry of oil production with a view to its subsequent sale.
Idle Miner TycoonIdle Miner Tycoon - a simple simulation of gold mines in which we will perform multiple roles and tasks. From our efforts and quickness will determine the future of the enterprise and the welfare of workers. Nice graphics from the category of "no nonsense" and simple gameplay will please all fans of not straining entertainment.
Castle ClickerCastle Clicker can be attributed to urban planning and to the clicker and even a little to the economic strategies. But most of the time you will spend Tapani monotonous across the screen. Mining - press, the construction of buildings - push, sent the ship on a trip and want to increase its speed - press. Fans of "simulators tapas" are sure to enjoy, all the rest is unlikely.
Robbery Bob 2: Double TroubleRobbery Bob 2: Double Trouble - the continuation of a favorite of many of the arcade about CHILLINGO skilled thief, burglar specializing in stealing household items right from under the nose of people. It usually takes up any more or less profitable venture, but this time luck was against him, and now he's back problems.
Tap Galaxy - Deep Space MineTap Galaxy - Deep Space Mine - click simulator in which we try yourself in the shoes of a pixel Chief cooperative space miners and will work hard to extract minerals from all that is possible and impossible. A constant flow of materials means good profits, so we will be able to hire even more workers and buy modern equipment.
Idle warriorsIdle warriors - simulator tapa with pixel graphics, plenty of black humor and broad development opportunities as heroes, and infrastructure. This time we will visit in the shoes of the slavers, and create from scratch, the company brings an incredible income. But moral dilemmas did not anticipate, because our aim will be monsters.
Gold Miner - Brain WorkGold Miner - Brain Work - the original puzzle game with simple graphics, but with a serious developing and training effect. The game will be a perfect one for arithmetic and rapid training account for all ages. From initial classes for adults and uncles tetenek with calloused brains after calculators.
The Pirate: Caribbean HuntThe Pirate: Caribbean Hunt offers us to become a true captain of the warship heyday of piracy in the Caribbean. Superb graphics and detail make it possible to walk on the deck and notice minute details or to inspect the district with bird's-eye view. Convenient control and rate selection help "feel" the ship.
Under HeroesUnder Heroes - popular arcade game created in the current retro style with typical 2D graphics. The gameplay in a few movements and the constant need for the development of the characters will not relax for a second. How much is a fun and replayability let gamers decide each for themselves. In the meantime, immediately proceed to construction.
Pocket Mine 2 The advent of Pocket Mine 2 was a logical and easily predictable after received great popularity among players of the first part of an exciting arcade about cheerful man with a pickaxe and miner's helmet. Again, he is taken to the old, and it begins to develop new deposits, but since neither of which documents permitting it had not, will have to do everything fast.

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