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The Dreamatorium 2The Dreamatorium 2 - a new quest in style "search objects" in which developers will have all your favorite cliché of the genre - the mystic, the girl detective, the paranormal, the next mega-artifact and other details immediately recognizable. From the positive - it beautiful graphics and several levels of difficulty. The game is suitable for both novice and professional investigation.
 LEGO® Elves - Unite The Magic LEGO ® Elves - Unite The Magic - a fun adventure for children in the style of "Hidden Object". All this is spiced good graphics, exciting adventures, mini-games, magic and a complete lack of Donato. Go to the edge filled with magic and mystery, look otgadki, explore the land and find new friends.
 Paranormal Escape Paranormal Escape - a new quest from the developers who love to get gamers to make an escape from a very frightening and gloomy places. As always, you will find a complicated story, mystical experiences, beautifully drawn locations, simple puzzles and challenging mini-games. The game will appeal to those who want to kill your spare time and at the end there and then forget about it forever.
 Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde - a quest in style "search objects". This is a view from the events of the famous novel by Robert Louis Stevenson's famous creators of numerous games such genre subjects. Detail detailed locations and beautiful backgrounds blend harmoniously with a classic storyline and popular game mechanics.
 Tremors 2: Poltergeist Tremors 2: Poltergeist - a quest with the classic game mechanics. Beautiful graphics and well detailed locations combined with intricate storyline and exciting puzzles and mini-games. Explore the house on the island and its surroundings, solve mysteries and secrets. Investigate the terrible tragedy of twenty years ago and find the cause of the incident.

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