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 AR-K Point and Click Adventure AR-K Point and Click Adventure - classic quest to control mouse, in our case - tapom. You will find a good 3D-graphics and animation, beautiful "drawn" flashbacks, hundreds of fully voiced dialogue full of humor, wit and word games (sorry, only in English, and subtitles too). And also, exciting investigation and action-history.
 Game of Thrones Ascent

Game of thrones: Ascent - developers «Kongregate» released on android platform game of the same name, the story is developing similar events occurring in the series. Start the fight for the Iron Throne. Swear allegiance to one of the great houses of the Seven Kingdoms. Performs various tasks, fought in the battle and lead your noble home to glory.

 Ninja Revenge Ninja Revenge - game that is worth to taste. Playing for the ninja you have to take revenge on the killers took the life of his wife honest samurai. Villains dare take away the most expensive. Now they will have to pay with their blood.

ILLUSIA 2 - Developers ZENONIA series are pleased to present the second part of the new casual side-scroller in the genre of Action / RPG, containing all the essential elements of traditional role-playing games, packed in a gorgeous anime-style graphics.


Reaper - you enter a world of magic and monsters begin your exciting journey! Become a black swordsman and kill thousands of enemies in the epic action RPG! Once all the enemies with your sword, go through a lot of quests and pump his hero.

 Across Age DX

Across Age DX - RPG in the style of Zelda. Epic 2D Action / RPG, Across Age ™ revives the golden era of 16-bit games. Go back to the old days and experience the joy of pleasant from the first game in the style of Zelda, which looks like a cartridge games for the SNES and Genesis.

 Forgotten Tales RPG

Forgotten Tales RPG - classic RPG in which you have to fight and win! Only a win to go through all the obstacles and difficulties. Only his diligence and perseverance you will achieve success! Forward into battle.

 The Tiny Bang Story

The Tiny Bang Story - a great toy that will delight the many fans of quests. In the story of this impressive game you have to put together the pieces of the whole planet. Throughout the game, you have to perform many different tasks, among which are puzzling puzzles, mini-games, mazes, and more.


WazHack - hardcore RPG with elements of survival, a half-step danzhn crawler with a developed system of interaction with objects.

 100 escapers 100 escapers - you need to explore the room. Finding different subjects. You can combine items to create new items.

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