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Destroy Gunners SigmaDestroy Gunners Sigma - third-person shooter in the setting of a distant and bleak future in which the remnants of humanity wage war for survival against a huge army of robots created by people themselves. Battle Mechs hung with weapons, desert landscapes and exciting battles await all who dare to become a pilot and challenge the enemy.
Maxim The RobotMaxim The Robot - a classic action-adventure platformer with beautiful graphics and distinctive gameplay mechanics. Run, jump, collect coins (here, gears, because the main character is a robot), we find the secrets, eliminate enemies and seek to find their love. Fans alike are sure to enjoy the entertainment.
Tap Robo Though assembly-line production "simulators tapa" in recent years and slowed down becoming a switch to a mix of genres and style, but the establishment did not stop and play with continuous zaklikivanie enemies continue to appear in updates Tap Robo -. One of the representatives of the old cohort with which gamers will again train your fingers.
The AetherlightThe Aetherlight - very beautiful and exciting adventure role-playing game. Excellent picture, distinct story (though not shine with originality), a well-designed high-tech universe of fantasy Middle Ages, and many other features and finds make this app deserves the attention of all who appreciate quality and exciting projects.
ROBOROBO - platformer created in the spirit of old school games. The characteristic graphics, gameplay, music and sounds will delight all eyes and ears of players missed the visually simple but highly addictive entertainment. We have to join battle with hordes of runaway combat robots and remain in the ranks of the whole and not rusted.
MekoramaMekorama - beautiful, excellent puzzle game from the creator of not less than chic Odd Bot Out. We are waiting for new adventures of the hero, but now he climbs on nature and will move in 3D. To all the positive features and adds that the game is free, and players can decide for themselves to what extent they want to thank the author.
Steam Rush: RobotsSteam Rush: Robots - unpretentious arcade game of survival in which the story is much more interesting and original gameplay. Unpretentious graphics and complex control in learning like all fans of hardcore projects. Small islands, a lot of traps, a coin placed in dangerous proximity to them and other aspects of the process will be very problematic.
Ape Of Steel 2Ape Of Steel 2 - continuation of the adventures in the world of monkeys reached the incredible technological breakthrough. Now almost the entire population in one way or another has implanted implants. In contrast, our main character of the owner of a full set of combat improvements, which significantly increases the characteristics of the host.
UPRISEUPRISE - interesting and addictive puzzle gameplay mechanics reminiscent of Rubik's Cube. Beautiful graphics, just a little inconvenient administration, and gradually increasing complexity are sure to enjoy the passage of people prefer to play only in high-quality projects. Save my father and other kinsmen of prison space.
Board DefendersBoard Defenders - an excellent game in the genre of puzzle. Superb graphics, design of locations, characters, gameplay idea - all performed at the highest level. Immerse yourself in the magical world of beautiful Pleyvilya and protect it from the attacks of the army of robots. Only children can keep calm adults and prevent catastrophe.

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