Ape Of Steel 2

Everything else he has also lived in by a set of arms located in the brush and shoot from finger. But these features are not spoiled the hero and lead him on the side of evil like some. Monkey King has decided to produce a very valuable resources from the center of the planet, that's just too much abuse threatens enormous environmental disaster that will destroy the whole world. "This is to prevent any way possible" - to decide the character and sent to perform acts of sabotage and sabotage all the industrial facilities owned by the ruler. Predicting the appearance of problems on the part of our protagonist, villain bothered security and defense system. Now to get anywhere without a permit will be very difficult. The guards will do everything so that no one was able to thwart the plans of their leader. But animal agility, the unique capabilities of the body and the thirst for justice, help the monkey to perform conceived.

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