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Sky to Fly Faster Than Wind 3DSky to Fly Faster Than Wind 3D was created under the impressions of the MMORPG Sky2Fly in steampunk style, which, of course, affected the gameplay of the game. Gamers will try yourself in the role of couriers delivering a variety of goods on the island floating in the sky. The value of such workers is that they do not ask about the contents of parcels and the possible risks.
Blue Ocean TycoonBlue Ocean Tycoon invites us to plunge into the modern world of shipping, ships, ports, and all that is connected with it. We play the role of the young owner of a small ship-owning company just two copies. Choosing a suitable home port, which can be in any hemisphere, we immediately find ourselves faced with a choice which is in the first place to go.
Galaxy Reavers-Space RTSGalaxy Reavers-Space RTS - one of those rare cases, the emergence of mobile coherent strategy in real time about space battles. Beautiful graphics, fast and intuitive operation, a variety of warships and long campaign for a long time will please fans of the genre has lost popularity in recent years.
Frantic frigatesFrantic frigates - addictive arcade survival in about a pirate theme. Classic gameplay "One against all", a simple graphics and exhausting, gradually increasing complexity will appeal to all "old men" caught like game. Raise the "Jolly Roger", go in an unequal battle and make enemies regret that they were born into the world.
Pirate Power Events Pirate Power develops in a fantasy world, where the land is very small and more dominated by expanses of water. Understandably, such features have served as a serious impetus for the development of navigation and all that is connected with it. That's our character does not become a land rat and moved to the sailors on the marque, and then pulls ahead.
 Orbitarium Orbitarium - space arcade with enormous possibilities for its genre. Superb graphics combined with fun gameplay give this project a few steps higher than in other similar games. Take on the role of the newly created and an inexperienced pilot a spaceship and go to battle with aliens.
 Rise of Orion Rise of Orion - economic strategy in the scenery of boundless space. In the near future, scientists have discovered an opportunity to fast travel to other planets. But at the same time they are discovered and other intelligent race that quickly colonize worlds available. Earthlings an urgent need to expand their holdings, so as not to be in the minority against a strong opponent.
 Corsairs: Thunderstorm Seas The world knew a lot of pirate republics, wherever official authority was weak and not organized (or rather, where it has not captured more territory and could not control her military forces) appeared city-state. Each of them was a trading port, the base from which to conduct raids and a refuge for all those who raised the black flag.
 Sea Empire Sea Empire - a new project from GIGL. As before, it is - an economic strategy that like (or not) fans of the "natives." How Come? Yes, because they are like two peas in a pod similar to each other. All the same puzatenky characters running around, build, collect and re-build. Is that natives have been global refining, improving and expanding opportunities and now serves as a new game.
 Strike Wing: Raptor Rising Strike Wing: Raptor Rising - Representative of the rare genre for android devices - space simulators. Become a young naval officer and sit behind the wheel of high-speed fighter. Go out for an adventure, explore star systems, side by side with his comrades fought the enemy in grand battles.

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