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Stickman Sniper Squad 2017Stickman Sniper Squad 2017 - another creation of Awesome Action Games, a bunch of people who ponadelali about snipers games and so still can not stop. So this project not only tells the story of a character who prefers to work remotely, but also about the fact that he stikman - is another supply designers proud.
Sniper Time 2: MissionsSniper Time 2: Missions - sniper shooter from the company Pipetka Games, that in itself is interesting. The first part of the main character was trained tricks sniper case in a secret military camp. This allowed him to get all the necessary knowledge and skills. Now, the school behind it waiting for the real combat missions.
Stick Squad 4 - Sniper's EyeStick Squad 4 - Sniper's Eye - here is the fourth part of the popular action about two stikmanov from Brutal Studio, people do not need an introduction. The same corporate design, new spy story and a huge bunch of levels will please both fans of the series, and just fans of this style graphics. Why are only fully voiced dialogue.
Sniper FurySniper Fury - a new project from well-known developers from Gameloft-a. It is a standard "sniper shooter." Has neither what innovations or discoveries. Before us bored gameplay, the need to constantly upgrade the barrel to pass on and other features of these games are evident from the first minutes.
Endless SniperEndless Sniper - fun and exciting arcade game play with an infinite endurance. Interest adds pixel graphics in a retro-style, as well as match for its soundtrack. The increasing complexity require gamers maximum speed of response and accuracy of their actions. Quite often slip would mean a loss.
 Optical Inquisitor Optical Inquisitor - a dramatic and bloody history of betrayal, revenge and anger in the entourage of the 80s. Interiors, objects, machines, music - all this creates the atmosphere of the time, even despite the fact that all the characters - painted black men. Blood, cruelty, violence, race, gambling, and the usual routine of professional killers await fans of brutal projects.

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