Spirit Hunter

Once again, in some parallel universe began zombiapokalipsis and the vast majority of the world has turned into bloodthirsty mutants scuffs. They seem to have died, but not yet final. This fact led to the fact that being named Death had a serious crisis at work. Stream shower stopped, though the end of the world, and it is necessary to carry out the plan. And then her eyes caught one death, bitten, bleeding and preparing to move in a layer of rotting forever. The proposal was announced very simple - it is mass killing of walking (this time at all), and the reward is still alive and with immunity to infection. With this chic contract can not be choosers, and that's our main character with a weapon on the edge runs through the streets and shoot the stinking carcass. Given the number of zombies in the world, a character every chance to live a couple of hundred years.

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