Tank Riders v.1.0.4


In Tank Riders you can play as a tank driver, despite the drawn graphics, the game is very attractive. The gameplay is executed at a high level, there is the dynamics, tactics and cunning.
The game is suitable for any user, well, who is a fan of the classic "tanchikov" just rated the game highly. You can go a long campaign with more levels, weapons and cunning opponents. When the campaign is completed, or you just get tired of fighting with your computer, you can go to war with the multiplayer and real opponents.
As already mentioned, the graphics in Tank Riders for Android is very attractive, is also a great drawing, each element is clearly visible, and the terrain detail please.
Control of the game has brought a little bit, in particular, it is not convenient to make a shot for which you hold your finger on the tank in the direction of the enemy. But the movement is made in the form of a standard virtual joystick, which controls the fine driving a tank. The enemies in the game quite agile and will not wait for you to shoot them, so that you have to learn to drive and shoot at the same time.
Levels will gradually become more complex, there will be obstacles such as walls and gates open after the last key press. But at the same time in your arsenal will appear and the more powerful weapons.
The overall goal of each level Tank Riders - to reach out and destroy all rivals, in parallel to collect coins, which often are hidden in the recesses.
If you want to play against real opponents, then go to the main screen in multiplayer, where you need to register by entering user name, e-mail and password. After registration, you can select the server and room. Unfortunately, the players who are online, very little, and for a normal game it is best to agree to meet with friends for a selected server.



Path: sdcard / Android / obb


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