iBomber Defense Pacific v.1.0.2


iBomber Defense Pacific - plush toy in the genre of Tower Defense. While playing you have to protect the Pacific coast and nearby regions from invading enemies. This game will make you feel a part of the dangerous and incredible action, as you defend your base, will use updated versions of deep strategy. They feature new maps, new enemies, new strategies, new tactics and new weapons. You can, using layout enemy towers, improve their own strategy and analyze options for enemy attacks. You will search for hidden targets, bomb enemies from above, destroying other people's outposts and constantly change strategy. The game boasts a magnificent performance. You will see stunning explosions, incredible water effects, lush green jungle, twin towers and remarkable design of vehicles. All this is accompanied by amazing audio effects, making the gameplay realistic and interesting.
There are 4 types of enemy infantry, armor, air force and waterways. And if you see the basic forces: where they go, how many, what kind of force thrown against you, that is still our enemies and partisans who can jump out at you at any time due to any bush - they are the most dangerous. You will have 7 types of weapons with which it is necessary to stop the enemy. From the most simple machine guns, bombs and flamethrowers and finishing, radars for range shooting, missile and anti-aircraft installations.
In addition to the basic mission to protect your base, you will need to perform minor tasks for which points will be awarded the victory. On them you can buy better, awards.

Version 1.0.2:

Only ARMv7:


Cache path: sdcard / Android / data


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