Temple Run v.1.0.8


Temple Run - your efforts in search of the sacred idol has finally yielded results, and now you have a sacred idol, but not so easy, after the disappearance of the statue, the guards woke-spirits to return the statue to its rightful place, and your job is to run away from them as quickly as possible, while maintaining the statue in one piece.

Flee from evil spirits, which awakened in the ancient temple. You have one goal - to survive, to escape. The entire path will be endowed with a variety of traps and pitfalls, which can easily cater to and stay there forever. Expressed a desire to live and rapidly, using your reflexes, go around all the traps apart and hide away from the demons. The game will keep on their toes with the plot and the first minute to the last drop of sweat, which will fall after all the adventures.

ARMv7 version 1.0.8:

on the money:
- How to use: run the game, play, go, run the patch, click the button patch, start the game and you should have a lot of money

ARMv7 version 1.0.7:

Titanium Backup Files:

ARMv6 version 1.0.6:


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    кто играл помогите,как открыть walpapers,или как их там,эти три газетки,если открыли,подскажите как.

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