Dragon, Fly! Full v.4.01


Dragon, Fly!Full - plain, but at the same time in your world addictive arcade game for Android by Four Pixels. Despite the use of 2D graphics, the game was colorful and cheerful. Test your reflexes by helping novovylupivshemusya dragon. The essence of the story is that the dragon tends to fly. But to prevent the dispersal of his hills, and besides, my mother and the dragon is about to catch up and carry back to the nest. Gameplay is simple. To help dragonet escape, you must press on the screen. It will accelerate from the slopes of the hills and skyrocket, and do not forget to let your finger on the rise, otherwise it just utknetes into the ground nose. Along the way you can collect various goodies and jewelery. After overcoming all obstacles kid can finally fly. With each level of your ward will be more confident to stand on the wing, but too early to rejoice. Ahead of the dragon waiting for new, more complicated problems and obstacles. Game is one of the best in its category. Graphics happy good melody in the background, and simple operation.

- Super easy management: management focused on the screen.
- Gameplay is of high quality: advanced physics engine makes this game special, which requires the owner strategy, skill and dexterity.
- Sixty levels
- Promote your dragon to the highest levels!
- New beautiful landscapes
- Online game anywhere in the world using leaderboards.

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