Epic Battle Dude


Be a king, and live in a huge castle, perhaps, easy and fun ... as long as the monsters will not attack your house, kick you, and kidnap your queen! This is war! Time to dust off the sword, shield and armor and teach a lesson to these vile monsters!

EPIC BATTLE DUDE - an innovative play-action game in the genre of fantasy with elements of RPG and tactical battles in real time. Use your sword, ax and mace in battle against the evil monsters and turn back the tide of battle, using deadly traps and gain powerful! After securing a rich treasure and buy powerful magic weapons to shed as much blood! Hack his way through 50 levels filled with dangerous hordes of enemies and become the greatest EPIC BATTLE DUDE!

- Filled with game action game with elements of RPG.
- The system of tactical combat in real time.
- 3 types of attacks, more than 50 types of weapons
- Different enemies require different tactics.
- Deadly traps and powerful amplification.
- 50 challenging levels in 4 unique locations.


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