Guns'n'Glory Zombies


Guns'n'Glory Zombies - FOUR GIRLS AND AGAINST EVIL Pug dead man!
- What a massacre!
- A great sequel!
He finally arrived! A zombie apocalypse is here, and the dead rise from their graves! Prepare your weapons and come face to face with the undead hordes! You - the last line of defense, and humanity's last hope for survival in the face of the deadly Z-virus!

KILL undead!
Fight the plague!
Protects the last survivors!
Everything is done to every bullet found its target!

When the dead roam the earth, there is only one thing to grab the biggest and best weapons that only can be found, and to fight for your life! Raskochegarilsya a chainsaw, a flamethrower, and show refill rotten monsters that loiter near your home - a bad idea! Just destroy them all for fun and for profit!
Guns'n'Glory game returns, more full of action and even more crazy than before! I am ready to give them hell?

- Explosive defense action in style Guns'n'Glory.
- Four hot girls who are fighting against the evil plague of zombies.
- Deadly arsenal of weapons and abilities.
- Gain a sharp chili for fierce battles
- Stupid zombies, fat zombies and hungry zombies.
- Intense fighting in the streets, beaches and forests.
- Hordes of the undead, a lot of weapons and a ton of Fame.


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