Egg Crusher

Taking the simple and uncomplicated game mechanics characteristic of this genre, adding to it a significant fraction of dynamism, creating a "spectacular" plot and developed characters, each of which has its own character, the developers gave us the game with an intriguing story, original graphics performance and fun gameplay . And now everything in detail. Recently in your house began to occur not experienced the things you notice strange behavior of products, but the main attention was drawn to the egg. Yes, yes, normal-looking eggs. They started a real war for territory, setting up a full-scale battle in your kitchen. You're as full owner could not stay away and decided to support the good characters. But the enemy's numerical superiority, so exercise the fingers and get to crush the evil hordes of eggs, but be careful not to damage their supporters. For the destruction of enemy units you can get the precious egg yolks. You can exchange them for all sorts of bonuses and enhancements that help in an uncompromising war against the forces of evil.

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