Robo Avenger

One day, one of the human colonies alarm will be triggered and the robot-guard "comes to life." Surprise, misunderstanding, rage, fury, rage - so you can describe the "feelings" of creation. Indeed, for some mistake he was involved too late. And the base is long been captured by enemy combat vehicles, and all residents and staff disappeared without a trace. Our protagonist decided not to postpone his revenge and immediately began to destroy the enemies.
Events at each level will take place on the same scenario, our iron hero will run non-stop, and the players just have time to press the jump button or hitting. There is also easy access to the scale of bonuses, like a rocket salvo. By tradition, the end of the road we will have to wait for the boss who each time will become stronger.
Exit - permanent upgrade. Better, to hang armor, turn it into a real transformer with a very militant forms a walking tank or fast attack vehicle.

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