We play for the policeman who decided to come back to visit her sister. Going into the house, he found the effects of a hasty search, strange criminal and not a trace relatives. Shot himself attacked him and looking villain in the cache, the main character went on found there address. The place was a gun shop, on closer acquaintance with the owner revealed that this turnout secret detention orders and your sister is one of them. Members of this organization to protect the world from the invasion of monsters from neighboring and conduct raids on enemy territory. During one of these tasks, and it was gone. No matter what, you are going to find her.
Moving on the map divided in hexes, players will find the secrets and of course monsters. Battles will take place on a regular hexagon. For each defeated opponent or performing quests will give you loot and a cash award. The best equipment for yourself, the other in second hand. Money can be spent in the shop orders for various amulets, magical enchanted cartridges for pistols and more.

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