Dragon Jump

Darkness descended on the kingdom! In the truest sense of the word. Night in the yard, do not see any DIG. Well, that full moon rose in the sky and now even different silhouettes. And what we see? At the top of the highest tower of the ancient citadel protecting the state capital, the life of the monarch and the peace of the citizens, stands guard famed knight. Clad warrior in armor and armed with a sharp spear. Patiently waiting for the end of his shift, he. Home would sleep off. But no! It was at this hour all the dragons of the world decided to hold a line of migration at this point. We'll have to fight for life and death. A little later, it becomes clear the reasons for such unusual behavior cruise - are demons of all kinds sent them here. But nothing, and they will get hit bottom in the ass. Remember that these flying reptiles very vulnerable upper and lower hemisphere, and you should be wary of attacks from the flanks.

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