Draw a Stickman: Sketchbook

You must first create a stikmana. At first, it will be possible to adhere to the tactics of "stick, stick, ogurechek, that man came» ©, the main thing that worked okay. Well podnatorev art drawing, you can edit the character by adding to it the missing parts and make it more presentable. This will help a diverse color palette and a variety of clothes, hairstyles and other paraphernalia for personalization. The main thing is that all, without exception, regardless of talent, and so be able to fully enjoy this game.
When you need to practice to create tools and weapons. Kirk, the sword and the key will be your permanent objects in the inventory. I am glad that we can make some more copies and fast switching, use appropriate under the given case.
This is a very tiny part of the main project and all of its features can be only disclose personally exploring the world Draw a Stickman: Sketchbook.

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