Golden Depth

Surprisingly, in a game of this kind have a story. The main character named Sven Duc - a brave explorer and treasure hunter, half my life is lost in the forests of the Amazon, in Asia, scansorial of deadly caves. I dangle it around the world for a reason, our adventurer collecting the crumbs of information about the secret and mysterious town of Sorge. Where rumored hidden great treasures and other nice things. And finally, the coordinates of the settlement have been found, taking with him a nephew and a standard set of survivalist, a character has arrived at its destination. It turned out that not everything is so simple, this input was a normal fault, and moreover very deep. But such nonsense will not stop the legendary archaeologist and he rushes down the company Arnie. A few tens of meters, and the walls were discovered gold nuggets - it is fun. What, I wonder, lies ahead?

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