Boru The running Ninja

Being a good ninja absolutely not rewarding occupation. Ever need to save all, to prevent accidents and to always stay in the shade, giving all the credit to complete strangers. But I'll be fine. Know only accept orders from the powerful of this world, kill all over the world while traveling, sabotages, blow, steal, and even look back all the time waiting for that sword colleagues from diametrically opposite camp has not appeared in your back. No. It's better to be on the good side. By the dark you can always flop, effectively furnish a betrayal. The dead worker killed students, glowing temple and stuff like that. In such a case, and experience more, you know, what and how. And employers are delighted with such skills.
That's about these thoughts swirled in my head of the protagonist, in that moment as he ran for only he knows the instructions.

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