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Ninja fightNinja fight - a beautiful and researched enough action to be able to appeal to all, even to those who are already tired of the projects in this genre. Nice graphics, enemy dismemberment system, a variety of skills and techniques, and a variety of dangerous enemies, and much more is waiting for all the players who decided to perform an important mission.
PATANKOPATANKO - unpretentious in appearance, but in its original gameplay mechanics puzzle mazes which are pop-up card. A large number of levels with tons of pages of options and activities will please all those who love the unusual and unpretentious projects can inspire long.
NinjAwesomeNinjAwesome - gorgeous platformer in the style of a ninja. Old-school graphics and classic gameplay with automatic run will delight all fans of retro games and fans of exciting projects. Join the legendary clan of warriors night and perform deadly missions and assignments for the glory of his craft.
Ninja Madness In times when the ninja were still common, though rare, and demons relentlessly terrorized people and develop story great game Ninja Madness. It will be one of the most severe test for our nerves and our hands will require incredible precision, speed and accuracy of action. The slightest mistake will be restart.
Boru The running NinjaBoru The running Ninja - 2D platformer ninja spherical shape with 29 levels. Pit traps, spikes and other delights of the genre will wait for the main character in the whole of its path. Quick tap - a small jump, long press - accordingly higher. With such a simple control we are to overcome the whole gamut of trouble.
iSlash HeroesiSlash Heroes - arcade game with a very nice visual style and a familiar gameplay mechanics which we will need to truncate the shape to the desired size without affecting moving objects on it. Since the game is sustained in Asian colors, in our case, will fast moving shuriken. And the blows are applied to a razor-sharp sword.
Ninja: Legendary WarriorsNinja: Legendary Warriors - collectible card game with elements of Asian RPG (no one forgot to introduce a fantastic variety of unnecessary windows and tabs) formed in the universe of Naruto. And fans would rejoice and be happy to fans of the genre, it's just all the same blueprint with hundreds of other similar projects.
Ninja Panda Run-Ninja ExamNinja Panda Run-Ninja Exam - pretty mediocre runner about the East and one black-and-white fluffy bear holding ninja skills. Beautiful graphics standard (and without it not a single project has no chance of attracting the attention) and classical mechanics of gameplay, which is absolutely no surprise and certainly not will make an impression.
 Nun Attack Origins: Yuki Nun Attack Origins: Yuki - a spin-off from the main game series, which is a puzzle with elements of stealth action. Go into the jungle and bamboo thickets to save all the hostages and punish the arrogant monster. Become a shadow merge with the night darkness and Razite enemies with one blow. Settle fear in the hearts of the kidnappers.
 Stick Hero Stick Hero - new arcade game quickly became known by the development team Ketchapp. All their designs have a simple visual style, unpretentious gameplay, but at the same time very exciting and challenging. Two game modes and a variety of skins for the main character will help fun free time.

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