Smurfs Epic Run

The eternal enemy of our Smurfs Gargamel still can not let up, and here again, "muddying the waters". More precisely brews a potion, which, as indicated in the recipe book should lull all who gets in his way. So what happened to all residents stroll in a strange mist. Except one. He was asleep in the grass behind the village, and when he awoke, he found that all his relatives fell into the clutches of the villain and now sit in cages. They are about to be taken away to the lair of the villain, and therefore need to hurry before its too late. Jump over obstacles, collect coins, saving families and open up new opportunities. Empty the familiar characters and in their roles continue to sabotage the plans of Gargamel. A huge selection of clothing allows you to dress up in the latest fashion sinokozhego and various bonuses help you to find the secret location.

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