Go Home, Pigeon!

It was in the woods. The bear was sleeping under a tree. A pigeon sitting on a branch above him. What happened in the future, and so I think it is clear. Clumsy furious and still in some what, and the bird struggled ulepёtyvaet from the deadly embrace. But apparently feathered played a dirty trick not only the owner of the taiga, but everyone in the neighborhood, as almost the entire population has gone to capture a character with incontinence. And gamers act as guardian angels of this miracle with a beak. While he flies gradually picking up speed, we need to clean up the movements on the screen various obstacles from his path. Driftwood, vines, rotten stumps, winged fellow posing as suicide and many other difficulties. Congenital agility and results bonuses will increase the chances of survival and the favorable resolution of this crisis.

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