Bullet Rain

Bullet Rain - history knight named Arya. It was once a faithful servant of almighty rulers of the empire. She was always the first fight and was ready to fulfill any order regardless of any moral dilemmas. Perfect Weapon. Until one day there was a "flash in the pan" and a ruthless watchdog not turned against their masters. Now she is the main rebel trump card in the battle against tyrants. And today Arya shed a rain of bullets on the enemy's head.
The enemy will attack in five areas, and we need time Tapan on the right buttons. It is enough to understand that it is not necessary to rush and then go right. Qualitatively animated character will convert wave after wave of attacking enemies in the lifeless carcass. And we are encouraged to watch it. Gradually increasing complexity in the form of better-trained and equipped troops force sweat and economically relate to ammunition.

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